Specialty Services

Environmental Remediation

EnviroVac provides a full line of remediation and contaminated soil excavation services.  Also provided is back fill and compaction site stabilization and related development services throughout the southeast.


Bonded and Insured.

EnviroVac is bonded and insured.  Our extensive insurance coverage and bonding capacity allows the EnviroVac team to perform large and extremely complex jobs and projects.  There is no job too great or too small for the Environmental Cleaning and Remediation Experts.

Storage Tank Cleaning & Inspection Services

EnviroVac provides above ground and underground storage tank cleaning and waste disposal services throughout the United States.  Whether cleaning work is needed prior to change of product, demolition activities, or is just routine maintenance… we have the experienced personnel and specialized equipment to complete the project properly.  EnviroVac can also provide A.P.I. 653 or S.T.I. Tank Inspection and Gas Free Certifications.

Following is a list of the type of products we clean and handle on a daily basis:

  • Light end fuels (diesel, gasoline, jet)
  • Heavy fuels (#6 fuel oil, bunker “C”)
  • Asphalt, including polymer modified
  • Tall oil and resin related products
  • Caustics and other pulping liquors
  • WWTP digesters, sludge, sand and grit
  • Latex and epoxy related products
  • Oil/water separator waste

Marine Cleaning Services

EnviroVac is properly licensed and certified to perform a wide array of marine cleaning and environmental services along both the East Seaboard and Gulf Coast of the United States.  EnviroVac is US Coast Guard Certified O.S.R.O. per OPA 90, and is an EPA/DOT Certified Transporter of waste and waste waters for these type cleaning projects and services.

Services Provided:

  • Ship Cleaning
  • Barge Cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning of ship piping
  • Bilge and slop tank cleaning
  • Fuel and liquid transfer operations
  • Hydroblasting (hull, epoxy removal)
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal

Hydro Excavation

Dive Team / Dive inspections and repairs

We offer a full line of services including a dive team with underwater communication and repair capabilities. These are the same divers that repair anything from cruise ships to clarifiers.Underwater welding ,cutting,and torching. Please call for more information.

Shut Down Management

EnviroVac has the capability to manage your shutdown from the initial planning of the outage, to the turn key service.This allows us to provide you with the budgetary estimate,daily reporting and the performance you should expect and get from your contractors.We would like to set up a meeting when your planning your next outage to discuss some options and offer of professional services and assistance. Please clink the Contact Us link and someone will contact you ASAP!

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