Sewer Line and Drainage Maintenance

No other cleaning method compares with the combined forces of our powerful Sewer Jet and Jet-Vacuum waste removal unit. The Sewer Jet cost-effectively cleans and maintains sewers and storm drains, including:

  • Sanitary sewer systems
  • Manholes
  • Wet or dry catch basins
  • Grit chambers
  • Offset drains
  • Culverts

Sewer Jet

Gap Vac Sewer Jet removes virtually any blocks or restrictions from pipes. Water pressure of up to 2,000 psi at 60 gpm bore through clogged materials. The patented design develops maximum water pressure at the nozzle, then the continuous supply of water moves the debris back toward the manhole where the vacuum unit takes over, if necessary.

Root Cutting

Using a root cutting tool in place of a nozzle, the Sewer Jet cuts and flushes roots from 6 to 18 inch diameter pipes.

Grease Cleaning

Pulling a grease cleaning brush through the line, the Sewer Jet dislodges the grease flushing it back to the manhole for removal.


The Jet-Vac vacuums debris from man-holes and catch basins into a 1000 gallon storage tank. The intake tube vacuums below water level to remove sludge and debris. The water collected is then pumped back into the manhole leaving the solids in the holding tank for disposal.

Special Features

  • 2,000 gallon water tank for extended runs.
  • The ability to clean 4 inch lines and larger.
  • Cleans up to 700 feet from the truck.
  • Our Sewer Jet service is an unbeatable value for your preventative maintenance program!

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