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Liberty Mutual Safety Contractor of the Year!

EnviroVac is in the top 1% of the safest industrial cleaning contractors in the United States. This safety award is for accumulating 312,258 total work hours without a single OSHA Lost Time case for the calendar year.  The most current Bureau of Labor Statistics for the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 23899-Specialty Trade Contractors is 2.1 Loss Time Cases per 200,000 work hours.  EnviroVac’s Loss Time Case Rate is 100% better than the industry group according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

EnviroVac’s commitment to safety in the workplace begins long before the job starts.  In addition to orientation meetings for new hires, foremen and superintendents, EnviroVac holds weekly safety meetings for employees and supervisor. On the job site, safety conditions are constantly monitored and extensive project safety inspections are conducted by the operations manager. EnviroVac’s attention to safety training translates to exemplary safety performance and guarantees the customer the safest workplace possible. A safe environment also translates into better cost-efficiency for the customer.

EnviroVac has a continuing Safety Process, not just a program.

Routine Practices

  • OSHA 10-hour/40-hour “HAZWOPER” training, focusing on Confined Space Entry, Lock out/Tag-Out Procedures, Respiratory Protection, Hazard Communication (MSDS), & Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Practical & classroom Hydroblast & Vacuum training, utilizing the WaterJet Technology Association’s module and manufacturer’s recommended testing.
  • CPR/First Aid Training.
  • Process Safety Management information for every client’s facility is indoctrinated into our training.
  • Each employee is issued an ID card which details the training received and when refreshers are due. Also, the card shows a certified drug test was administered.
  • A full-time Safety Director, and Coordinator/Trainers at each location, conduct safety audits daily. Tailgate Safety Audits are completed prior to each job.
  • Lead abatement training
  • Asbestos removal and containment training
  • Hazardous material Management Course
  • Dot Hazardous Material course

Our Standards

  1. Training given to all employees
  2. Supervisors are confined space supervisor qualified

Technicians are confined space entrant qualified per OSHA standards and teachings

EnviroVac has a strong commitment to promoting the safety of its crew members. If any crew member finds conditions to be unsafe, he can shut down a job until all crew members are satisfied that the problem has been corrected. In the rare event an accident does occur, accident reports are filled in full and are sent to the president and project superintendent

Safety First – Target Zero

According to a Harvard Study, personal success is a function of three attributes applied in these proportions:

Attitude 65%     Skill 25%    Knowledge 10%

Most safety programs start with knowledge, with the focus primarily on OSHA rules and regulations.  Knowledge is the smallest factor in the success equation.

Knowledge does not prevent accidents, People do!

By focusing on attitude and skill, OSHA compliance or knowledge becomes the end result of the safety process, not the starting point.  The shared priority is Personnel Safety with a key focus on Accident Prevention by focusing on the following:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Motivation


PotashCorp-Aurora, NC Contractor’s Corner
January, 2012

PotashCorp-Auror is pleased to highlight EnviroVac as our 4th Quarter
(2011) Contractor’s Corner Feature. EnviroVac has worked at the facility for
more than nine years and has not had a recordable injury since 2009. Their work
is in the mine and chemical plants, providing necessary hydroblasting and wet
and dry vacuuming.

EnviroVac’s safety process focuses on attitude and skill. Their
supervisors are trained to develop safe attitudes through leadership and  motivation.

This attitude, coupled with the most comprehensive skills training in  our industry, creates and environment where each employee does his or her part to make the workplace completely safe. Safety is the responsibility of each employee as they make loss prevention and control an integral part of their  work ethic.

EnviroVac has a safety incentive program that recognizes and employee
each month . In order to receive this award, the employee must meet the
following criteria:

  • Wear proper PPE at all times.
  • Be a good housekeeper.
  • Follow all safety rules and procedures.
  • Get along well with peers.
  • Participate in daily safety meetings.
  • Demonstrate safety on the job and be knowledgeable in task training.

Potash-Corp-Aurora bids you our warmest congratulations on EnviroVac’s
past and continued safety success.






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