Dear Valued Customers,

While we are in unchartered water with this pandemic; we are definitely in it all together. I know all mills/plants are following the protocols and guidelines deemed by our president and our government. In addition to your own company’s policies, as they pertain to containing the COVID- 19 virus, just as Envirovac is adhering to all procedures and information provided.

Most of you are critical infrastructure industries as defined by the Department of Homeland Security and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. 

Therefore, we, at Envirovac Industrial Cleaning Services, play an integral and important role in assisting and partnering with you for the critical infrastructure required for you to manufacture and deliver your products. 

Consequently, we share with you the obligatory responsibility to continue to provide our crews and services to your mills/plants so that you can continue with providing your product to our nation. Additionally, I understand that many of the mills/plants are redeploying resources and converting some of their products to serve our country’s critical needs and support our communities in this fight against COVID-19

Just like you, the safety and health of our employees is absolutely number one, and always will be. However, we are also keenly aware of the fear, of not only the virus, but the fear of future economic security shared by all and the fear of losing their jobs.

As designated as a crucial contractor, Envirovac, is open at all of our locations. Again, we are adamantly following all protocols, guidelines, and procedures for the containment of the virus. At this time, we will continue our commitment and provide our industrial cleaning services to our customers.  

We will continue to examine and observe the impact of COVID-19 on our operations and our personnel and keep you updated, as needed. As of March 24th,  we are thankful none of our employees nor any friends or family members have tested positive for COVID- 19. 

Thank you for your continued support, and please stay healthy and safe during these unparalleled times.



R. Kevin Jackson


EnviroVac strives to be the most innovative industrial cleaning and environmental services supplier! Our staff has been hand-selected to provide our clients with custom solutions and the highest quality customer service.

EnviroVac has established itself as the Southeast’s premier provider in the industrial cleaning industry by following the framework of our three Core Competencies:

  • Safety First
  • Operational Excellence
  • Client-Focused Approach

Customer Service is at the epicenter of our business. Regardless of the size of your company or the scale of your project, you will reap the benefits of our devotion, experience and training. Although our company is growing, we still remain true to our small-town roots – be courteous, stand by your word, and work hard.

Clean values make EnviroVac, “The Clean Company”, a simple solution for your industrial and environmental needs.

In 2014 EnviroVac focused primary resources towards the digital age, investing in enterprise resource planning software.   Digital work orders, and automated billing and invoicing has increased efficinecy, including reducing and eliminating errors.   Currently, 95% of our customer base is billed using automated software creating a transparent relationship between Envirovac and its customers.

Our personnel will strive to create an environment in which maximum safety, productivity, quality, and reliability are achieved at the lowest possible cost to our clients.

At The Clean Company, we have led the way in industrial cleaning with our safety practices. From countless hours of documented training to innovative new equipment we pride ourselves in safety. We are proud to be the very first in the industry to obtain a prestigious VPP-OSHA STAR.

Our 0.38 Recordable Incident Rate for 2015 was 93% below the industrial cleaning industry group average of 5.8.

Our commitment to Safety begins every single day with “Be your brother’s keeper”.


Digital Inspection

Our Video Inspection Services group is a team of the most technologically advanced operators in the industry.


Chemical Cleaning Services

EnviroVac offers chemical cleaning and decontamination services for various heat exchange and process system vessels in order to maximize efficiency.


General Industrial Services

Concrete Hydro-Cutting & Automation
Dust Remediation
Pneumatic and Hydro Excavation
Outage & Turn Around Services

Hydro Blasting

EnviroVac provides hydro blasting services with 10k, 20k, and 40k psi options, including high volume water blasting. We also offer automated hydro blasting.

Vacuum Services

EnviroVac’s highly-experienced vacuuming crews offer state-of-the-art services and provide customized solutions for wet and dry clean-ups.

“Be your brother’s keeper every day. Safety first all the way”

8/24/2014 – “Great group of guys. Reliable and dependable. Would be an asset to any Company. Enjoy doing business and hope to continue to do business in the future.”
  • PotashCorp